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Celebrating 25+1 year of community service 1995 - 2021

Celebrating 25+1 year of community service 1995 - 2021

JobCo Training

JobCo. Training delivers high-quality Nationally Recognised Accredited training, specialising in Early Childhood Education and Care offering flexible delivery options both in the workplace, traineeship and classroom training.

The mission of our RTO is to provide innovative training and employment opportunities to serve industry and the wider community. We aim to strive for excellence with integrity through understanding the needs of our clients.


Learn Local

As a Learn Local provider, JobCo. Training offers training in a friendly and supportive environment. We can help you return to study, improve your reading, writing and maths skills, gain a qualification, get a job or learn something new.

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Reconnect Program 2021

Reconnect 2021 is designed to support Victorians experiencing disadvantage. The program assists participants to overcome the barriers preventing them from engaging in education, training and employment and provides support into further study or employment pathways.

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Jobs Victoria Advocates (JVA)

Jobs Victoria Advocates support Victorians by connecting them to the information, advice, and services they need relating to education, employment, local community and support services. We can help you navigate employment and training services via proactive outreach in communities.

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5 Star Coaching

The 5 Star Coaching programs (Coaching for Consultants and Coaching for Jobseekers) are designed to be complementary. The coaching principles of collaboration, taking action, looking at solutions as opposed to problems, and focusing on strengths are scaffolded by case studies and application to the relevant audience, ensuring audience engagement and useful learning.

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Psychology Skills Intensive

A one day intensive workshop giving you (and your staff ) the tools to recognise ill-health symptoms, identify common conditions and their impacts, and develop practical strategies to assist people manage their psychological and emotional wellbeing.

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WoW Factor

The WoW Factor (World of Work) is a self paced training course that enhances jobseeker employability in the key areas of:

  • Personal Communication and Presentation
  • Jobsearching
  • Application and interview skills

The WoW Factor can be utilised as a complete training syllabus to cover all the aspects of employability, or selective modules can be used to deliver focused training and reinforce key employment advice.

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