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Celebrating 25+1 year of community service 1995 - 2021

Celebrating 25+1 year of community service 1995 - 2021

From over 20 years of experience in the employment services industry and 5 years of Master's Degree research into coaching, JobCo. has developed 5 Star Coaching. Two distinct programs that specifically focus on enhancing employment consultants' skills and job seeker motivation.

The 5 Star Coaching programs (Coaching for Consultants and Coaching for Jobseekers) are designed to be complementary. The coaching principles of collaboration, taking action, looking at solutions as opposed to problems, and focusing on strengths are scaffolded by case studies and application to the relevant audience, ensuring audience engagement and useful learning.

Coaching Employment Consultants

For Consultants it is about building awareness of the way they work, their own motivations and how they approach jobseekers.

The workshops provide consultants with specific coaching strategies to focus jobseekers on their employment goals and ways to work around resistance to work, which is a particular issue JSA and Disability Employment Consultants deal with day to day.

While one of the primary aims is to increase consultant self-awareness, the program's main objective is improving the interaction between the consultant and jobseeker by avoiding some of the current pitfalls that undermine good rapport and progression along the jobseeking pathway; such as, blaming and being diverted away from an employment focus.

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Coaching Job Seekers

For Jobseekers the coaching begins with the basic principles upon which coaching are built; in Module 1. This is designed to expand their perspective and assist them to re-evaluate their thinking in a more positive way by training jobseekers how to reframe problems into solutions, and build practical action plans that they can use in their daily lives to find employment.

Module 2 of the jobseeker program has a substantially different focus compared to the Consultant program. The key theme throughout this module is taking individual responsibility for where they are in their lives and for their future success in "getting a job". This is achieved by showing jobseekers how their beliefs about themselves influence their actions but also provides practical solutions for changing limiting beliefs.

Module 3 of the jobseeker program focuses on personal motivation. While similar in theory to the Consultant program, the jobseeker workshop differs significantly as it provides jobseekers with very specific tools to overcome internal resistance and motivate themselves towards finding work. Jobseekers learn that what they achieve is ultimately up to them. Others may be available to help them (e.g. the consultant) but they need to take action and focus on what they control rather than on the things that may not be working in their lives.

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Who is 5 Star Coaching for?

5 Star coaching has been specifically developed for JSA and Disability Employment Consultants and their clients. While all jobseekers will benefit from the coaching it is especially relevant for streams two, three and four clients. These clients require additional support and assistance to develop a new perception and motivation to obtaining employment. Coaching is a proven approach that is ideal for reframing their point of view.

Workshop Delivery

The coaching for Employment Consultants workshops requires a trained psychologist who is experienced in the field of coaching to deliver the workshop. For quality control and to ensure the correct perceptions and messaging are delivered we recommend a single trainer deliver the course to your consultants.

Coaching for Jobseekers can be delivered by an experienced Trainer or Employment Consultant who has been through the Coaching for Employment Consultants workshop.

Workshop Duration

Each module is a 3 hour workshop. Delivered 1 module per week, over 3 weeks. The coaching for Employment Consultants should be immediately followed by Coaching for Jobseekers so that the conversations between consultants and jobseekers begin to converge in their objective and the learning is reinforced. This ensures that the two aspects integral to the jobseeker's success- their belief in themselves and their consultant's belief that they can succeed - occur together.

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5 Star Coaching for Consultants

JobCo. 5 Star Coaching is a series of workshops specifically designed for JSA staff. It provides the consultants with a new approach to enhance the jobseeker relationship and achieve a positive outcome.

Utilising the unique attributes of coaching within an employment context, the consultant is able to develop a new understanding of jobseekers' underlying reasons for behaviour, and successfully employ strategies for overcoming resistance and objections.

5 Star coaching eliminates the current adversarial relationship by providing a framework that eliminates the barriers to perception change and repositions the consultant as a trusted mentor to engage and motivate the jobseeker.

JobCo. 5 Star Coaching will:

  • Improve employment consultant credibility with jobseekers
  • Transform a disengaged relationship to a valuable engaged relationship
  • Allow the consultant to successfully overcome objections and influence behavioural change
  • Motivate both consultant and jobseeker by delivering real world actions and results
  • Accelerate jobseeker outcomes by positively influencing behaviour
  • Motivate employment consultants by showing organisational support
  • Enhance employee motivation by improving success rate
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5 Star Coaching for Jobseekers

JobCo. 5 Star Coaching for Jobseekers is a series of workshops designed to help jobseekers create a more positive self image and construct a new reality.

It helps jobseekers develop a new perception of themselves and their skills to monitor their own beliefs and values, and the effect these have on their attitude towards obtaining employment.

JobCo. 5 Star Coaching will:

  • Help reject limiting beliefs and values
  • Boost motivation by reframing situations and setting goals
  • Improve employment outcomes by focussing on solutions
  • Enhance employment consultant relationship with the jobseeker
  • Promote the development of a clear and focused employment action plan
  • Accelerate jobseeker outcomes by positively influencing behaviour
Utilising the unique attributes of coaching within an employment context, the jobseeker is able to review their own beliefs, values, actions and situations to understand how these influence and motivate their behaviour.

They can then understand how changing these personal attributes and developing a new focus on creating solutions can generate positive outcomes.

5 Star Coaching for Jobseekers is designed to provide JSA and DES clients with a light-hearted and fun introduction to coaching. The modules are highly interactive and encourage participants to apply their learnings in a practical way to real life situations.

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